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Clapgate, Chivers Road, Stondon Massey, Brentwood, Essex CM15 0LH

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LOGAN Lurcher X 8-9 months old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

This lad is a bit of a handful if we are honest, so he is going to need a home where he is not left all day, gets plenty of exercise, routine, structure and training.

He cannot be homed with children under 12 as he is quite partial to play nipping, not meant with malice but it does hurt. In the right home Logan is going to be a treasure, he just needs time and patience.

He's come from a very bad place, and then into kennels, so not surprising really that he is a handful, but he is slowly getting better.

Please contact Wallace Kennels for information.



TYLER has sadly had to come back in to kennels because of his behaviour.

He likes affection on his terms but is not one of these touchy-feely cuddly dogs that always wants to be touched and does let you know when enough is enough.

He is not good with other dogs so must be the only pet in the home, and no resident or visiting children under 10 years old.

Tyler’s ideal home would be as a companion for someone on their own who still loves going out for walks but does not go on doggy group walks.

He is 6 years old, neutered and house trained.



OTIS - Lurcher/Greyhound, approx 2 years-old, has now been neutered, microchipped and 1st vaccination.

His temperament is superb, he has been fine with and around the other dogs, but is not cat-friendly.

He walks well on the lead, and he is fairly clean in his kennel.

He is quite a big lad! Children 5+



MAY - 4 year-old rough-coat Terrier is looking for her forever home, but must have an existing neutered male Terrier for her to live with, as she will not be homed as an only pet.

May is spayed, vaccinated and chipped. She is nervous and can be skittish but not a bad bone in her, and once she trusts she is a little sweetheart.

We would say she is more Spaniel size.

Children 5+, cats untested.

Please contact Wallace Kennels for information.

All dogs have been flea treated and wormed and come with 4-weeks free PetPlan insurance.



JUNIOR - Cane Corso x Pressa Canario - 15 months-old, is being neutered and 1st vaccination today.

He is microchipped, flea'd and wormed. Junior is a proper big baby - (English Mastiff/small Great Dane in size), completely clean in his kennel and not destructive.

He walks extremely well on the lead but is strong. He listens to what he is being told and is responsive to some commands.

He is not a great fan of smaller male dogs but has not been too bad around spayed bitches. Junior bounds around a bit like Bambi, very playful and his temperament has been excellent.

Cats unknown and children 7+.



TANK - Cane Corso – approx.. 7-10 months-old, will be looking for his forever home soon.

He will need an experienced owner used to large breed dogs, and has a spayed submissive bitch as a companion for him, as he doesn't like going for walks by himself.  

He is still a bit of a work-in-progress for us, but is coming along slowly but surely in baby steps.

So much petrifies him, which is really sad but we will get there as he is worth it. Next step will be vets for neutering.



BARNEY, Shih-Tzu x – 3.5 years-old, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Nice little boy with bags of energy, house trained, not particularly bothered by the other dogs.

Barney is playful, likes to sleep on the bed, and walks well on his lead.

Children 5+. Cats untested. Please contact Wallace Kennels for information.



 LANCE - Saluki approx. 10-12 months-old, neutered vaccinated and microchipped.

Someone is going to be extremely lucky to get this baby, he is adorable in every possible way.

He is super-friendly, clean, walks well on his lead, mega-affectionate, and gets on well with other dogs.

Children 5+, cats untested.

Please contact Wallace Kennels for information.



 MEG - Border Collie, spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

Details can be found on our Facebook page.

Please contact Wallace Kennels for information.



OLIVER - Jack Russell x Chihuahua, neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.  

He is around 2 years-old, and an absolute cracking little dog. He is not suited for young children, as he does growl, but that is him talking and he has never followed it up with teeth.  

Oliver is clean in his kennel, nice to take out for walks and has been no bother around the other dogs, but would be better-suited as an only dog or with a little girlfriend.

Please contact Wallace Kennels for information.



JAZZ - (spaniel size) Terrier x 4-5 years-old, spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.

She is a very lively energetic girl with bags of energy. She must have a garden with no less than 6ft high fencing.

She is house-trained, friendly, on a mission to go places, so nice long walks and good runs required. Hit and miss with other dogs, no cats and children 7+.

Please contact Wallace Kennels for information.